Tips on how to specify BUS-FMS when purchasing new buses

The bus manufacturers have done an excellent job in specifying the BUS-FMS interface and the information coming on this interface. Unfortunately it is not enough to specify that you want a BUS-FMS interface when you buy a bus!!! 

You will have to specify WHAT information you specifically want and in some cases also how. This is why we have produced a guide on how to purchase BUS-FMS. You can download the guide here… GUIDE TO PURCHASE BUS-FMS.

The guide will be updated every month with more information based on information coming from our clients as well as your input. Therefore it is imperative that you comment on this document to us… we will then transfer the information also to ITxPT.

Yours sincerely /Tomas Gabinus

If you would like more information on the Bus-FMS-Standard, simply click here.